Photo by NIKOLAY OSMACHKO from Pexels

Oh they make me emotional
so very hormonal
Experienced moms had warned –
It’s a tall task to raise “mini-me(s)”
I shrugged, saying, how bad can it be.

Boy oh boy, was I wrong about this lawless foray
Never mind the number
I feel outnumber every step of the way

Things like logic and reasoning
are not anymore my friends
maybe because my kids don’t listen
it’s like I am talking alien

Blame it on exhaustion or even insomnia
or to just the nature of this job,
the relentless worrying about them knows no bounds

My calendar is taken over by soccer, t-ball, swimming and gymnastics
screaming stop, when I add two sets of play dates

The stresses at work now seem a piece of cake
hard to recognize the career woman in my new make

The perplexity of it all –
I am warning you so don’t laugh.
Even after all the craziness I just confessed
I call myself AMAZINGLY blessed.

In response to Word Of The Day, EMOTIONAL