Photo by from Pexels

When I was pregnant
I certainly didn’t conceive my life with these events

My idea of motherhood couldn’t have been more far
from driving a minivan to lugging cleats and shin guards
Didn’t expect scrimmages, corner-kicks, and nutmegs entering commonplace conversation
didn’t expect my phone blowing up with fields and locations

Needless to say I was much hesitant
in adding these time consuming sports to my bucket

Yet, I will tell you why
I am so happy I tried

Today, she got hit with a ball
but didn’t take the fall
for, in her own words, “mom, my team needs me, I can’t miss the game”
“Mom, it’s OK to lose but we need to prepare for a win”

I was taken aback
and admittedly a little mushy to see my little power pack

I have seen her on the sideline and still cheering hard
never mind who’s scoring, its ‘us’ and ‘we’ that is heard

In an age of solo-ism and every woman for herself
I am glad team sports is introducing her to this unified realm

So, while my sign up to soccer mom status came with reluctance
the outcome, I admit, is magnificent

My daughter’s learning life
on the field, one game at a time