My kids are at the tender age where everything is magic. They believe in Santa Claus, fairies, leprechauns, super heroes and everything in between. While, of course my mind says the obvious, that eventually this will cease to exist. That as the vice of adulthood touches their hearts, the fall out will begin. That all these magical creatures will become not real, my heart begs to know, so what is?

Because to me, the pure happiness they feel believing in magic feels real. Their sense of wonderment feels real. Their hearts which believe, feel real. The bond they develop with each other over so called pretend plays feels real. And, the love that fills me up watching them enjoying all this feels so very real.

Unfortunately, as adults, all this loses its luster. Because the irony of adulthood is –

The more we comprehend wonders, the more unamazed we get.
The more we know the more we stop believing.
The more we understand the more we stop to ask.
The more we accumulate, the more we want,
& the more we get the more thankless we become.

I rather have less, if more comes at such a cost. I rather not adult today or ever, for childhood seems more celebratory. I rather believe in something, than live a life with no magic!!