Her growing wings are her dreadful fears

pushing in directions

where unforeseen and unknown lurks

Her growing wings are her fiercest fights

she cuts them, begs them

and even hides

Her growing wings are her deepest secrets

running through many lanes

hiding in thickets and piercing her veins

Her growing wings are her brightest torch

light in the dark

answers to confusions and farce

Her growing wings are her reasons

to reconstruct all molds

and risk it all

to break free

and rise from the ashes of flightless debris.


Inspired by Free Verse Revolution Weekly Challenge.

This is for that inner voice inside of all of us which’s relentless, obstinate and pushes us to achieve the unthinkable. You can love it for being your reason to go along or hate it for making you break the calm, but what you can never do, is ignore. Because, it’s you and you are it. You may call it your calling, your purpose, your passion or your wings.