Picture credit Pixabay

As I waddle through troves of treasured but arbitrary musings

I yearn for words to express my feelings

But they are being skittish and out of blitz

Unrelenting to my request to form a sentence

Evading emotions that are peering through my glass soul

Waiting to be put forth and across

Words oh words, only if you could be mine, I would create wonders

and the world would admire the splendor

Alas! I am under your subjugation, an accomplice to your crimes

Beset by your blasphemy and still acting sublime

Maybe tomorrow you can present your apology

or compensate for your treachery

Until then

I will vicariously atone for your sins


As I wait for my writer’s block to shed away, I am putting this forward for my readers. Hope you enjoy.

In response to Christine’s challenge and word of the day challenge. Please find the links below.

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